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Ashtray Beer...Dirty Beer...Modelo with...Stuff

The beer you didn't know you wanted.

Colorful, spicy and so damned unique it's an instant conversation starter.

The Recipe

Cans of Modelo, Tecate works too

Hot Sauce, a homemade one from the garden, tweaked Valentina, get creative.

Wedge of Fruit, Lime covered in Black Pepper, Pineapple and Tajin, choices are endless.

Pour your hot sauce mixture all over the rim on an unopened can of Mexican beer. Open the beer, add a splash of hot sauce to the beer itself if you want more spice. Garnish with a wedge of fruit.

The Story

I can't quite remember where I first had this, somewhere in east Atlanta? I loved it's simplicity compared to say a Michelada or Red Beer (Beer and Clamato). Just use what you have, quickly toss it all together and you have an interesting take on a basic beer.

Warning, goes great with a day of day drinking with friends while eating tacos and listening to Mariachi El Bronx.

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