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Sometimes the steak just needs to get thrown in the fire

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The Recipe

1 Ribeye

Salt and Pepper to your liking, both sides

Place steak directly on a bed of hot coals, cook for 2-4 minutes per side depending on thickness. Flip, placing the steak on new embers.

Pro-Tip: Place the steak on new hot embers when flipping. Your steak will draw a lot of heat out of the existing embers and they wont be hot enough to not stick when flipped.

The Story

You'd think a steak placed directly on coals would stick and you would end up with an expensive steak covered in ash and char. This is absolutely not the case. So long as you place the steak on hot, fresh embers you are good to go. For your next cook or campout, what could be better than not having to clean pots and pans?

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