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The Bavette Steak

The new "in" cut on the scene, learn about it before it's too late.

The Bavette is a relatively new cut in American butcher's cases. It is coming from the area directly above the tri-tip and ball tip, think of a thick skirt steak and you've got the idea. It is richly marbled, with wonderful loose graining to it. It is a cut meant to be sliced across the grain in thin slices.

Part of the problem with the Bavette is it's French origins. American and French butchers cut beef differently. The French have a looser meaning to "bavette" as the bavette is an entire section similar to the American flank. In French terminology, it is usually accompanied by a sub name to call out the specific are of the bavette. Fortunately most modern, high-quality butchers have agreed upon the right cut and nominclature.

Preferred Cooking Temp/Method: Medium Rare at most! The small bavette above was simply cooked to rare/medium rare in cast iron with a touch of butter, garlic and thyme but also tastes great on a grill.

Other names: Bottom sirloin flap, flap meat, sirloin tip, butcher's steak, and other names butchers liberally name this wonderful cut.

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